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Regular and Special Pujas and Annadaanam

Devotees can perform ABHISHEKAM on various occasions like birth day, Marriage day, ANUSHAMS etc and the cost under various heads are as under.

i) Sankalpam and Abhishekam - Rs.1000/-

ii) Pradosha Abhishekam - Rs.1000/-

iii) Koti Archana - Rs. 150/-

iv) Pada Pooja - Rs. 150/-

v) Public Annadhanam - Rs. 4000/- per day

vi) Patasala Samaradanai - Rs. 1500/- per day

Special occasions like Mahaperiyava Aradhana and Jayanthi

Every year on Aaradhana day and Jayanthi day, Rig, Yajur and Sama Veda Parayanas and Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam are arranged. The general expenses are in the order of

  • a) Vedam Parayanam Rs. 2,40,000.00
  • b) Annadaanam (Provisions & Cook) Rs. 75,000.00
  • c) Flowers Alankarams Rs. 30,000.00
  • Nearly 500 to 600 devotees are fed on each occasion.


    Annadhanam like Chitra Annam and Curd rice are distributed daily in Paakku thattu or Donnai.

    Every Saturday and Sunday/important holidays sweets like laddu/Padhusha/Maida cake/Mysorepak are distributed to devotees.

    The cost of provision is about Rs.45,000/- per month. The cost incurred on cooks for daily Annadhanam and sweet making is Rs.21,000/- per month.