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Articles in the Press

Tribute to the Sage in Granite

   A visit to Orirukkai raises the spirits.. Apart from the spiritual aspect, here is a work in progress that is educative as well, especially for lovers of art and history and for the young to learn about their heritage. Watching the memorial take shape is like being conveyed back in time says Smt. Kausalya Santhanam of the Hindu impressed by the progress of the project since her earlier visit. From The Hindu dated 2 Sep 2005.

Meet of Minds

   Mani Mantapam in Kanchi would be a temple dedicated not to any God but to learning itself! VATSALA VEDANTAM witnesses the impossible dream taking shape. From the Deccan Herald dated 17 Nov 2002.

In Memory of a Saint

   As you stand in the small shrine, you realise what an ideal spot it is for a grand project. Both here and in the huge sheds where the tinkle of chisel on stone provides rhythmic music, the bustle of the mundane seems far away .... Orirukkai promises to leap on the national map, says KAUSALYA SANTHANAM in The Hindu dated June 3 2001.

A memorial for the saint of Kanchi

    Sri Mahalakshmi Mathrubutheswarar Trust is now engaged in erecting a Mani Mantapam in reverential memory of the Maha Swamigal in order that the coming generations know more fully about this religious head who belonged to the world, crossing the barriers of caste, creed and religion says SARAVANAN in ChennaiOnline.com dated June 30 2003.

Saint who stressed on quality of life

    A Princess from far-off Greece is as much devoted to him as the school girl in Andhra Pradesh. K. VEDAMURTHY's tribute to the Sage of Kanchi whose Maha Aradhana was observed yesterday. From The Hindu dated Jan 11 2002

Homage to a Patriot

    The one thought that was uppermost in T. Sadasivam's mind during his last days, was to assist in raising the all-granite marvel called the Satabdhi Mani Mantapam for the Centenarian Sage of Kanchi. From The Hindu dated Aug 30 2002.

Finest Soul of Our Times

   From The Hindu dated 21 May 1989 by K. Vedamurthy on the occasion of the 95th Birthday of Paramacharya