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  • Happenings at Orirukkai

  • Periyava Saptaaham

  • Athirudram in Ilayathangudi - Dec 2006

  • Kanchi Mahaswami Peetarohana Shatabdhi Celebrations

  • Yatoktakari Perumal in Orirukkai Construction site

  • Guru Bhakthi   --- Sri Jayendra Saraswathi's discourse from www.kamakoti.org

    It is said that Guru(preceptor) is greater than God, devotion to preceptor is more meritorious than that to God. If we ask why, the answer is that God has not been seen by any one, But the preceptor is present here and now before us. If a Preceptor who is immaculate and pure, full of wisdom and steadiness of vision completely free from weakness, were available to us, the mental peace in search of which we pray to God is at our reach by devotion to the preceptor.

  • Wandering Sannyasi   --- Acharya Vinoba Bhave on Kanchi Paramacharya

    A Sannyasi is a walking university, a wandering Vidyapith...Our Jagadguru of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetha has, been for the last forty years moving from village to village mostly on foot....He is a walking Encyclopaedia of variegated knowledge, such as History, Archeology, sociology, not to speak of our religious literature and branches of learning.